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See How To get Your First Month Of Agile Managed PPC For $1

Agile PPC is our #1 Selling Managed PPC Solution that delivers focused, optimized traffic with a campaign plan that’s custom-built for your business.

We do offer discounted prices for contracts of 6 months and longer

To sign up on an Agile PPC contract and get this deal, simply book a call with us and we’ll get you set up, squared away, and we'll get to work!

*The deal applies only to new Agile customers.  If you're already under contract, please reach out to find out how to take advantage of this offer.

Advanced PPC Execution

Increase traffic, leads, and sales.  Combine with SEO for a fully leveraged system. 

Dedicated Communication

We provide a direct communication channel so that you're never "wondering what's happening in your campaign. 

Transparent Reporting

Know what's been done, what are next steps, and how things are improving. 

Technology Partner

We stay current on the evolving landscape of PPC.  Whether search, display, shopping or video. 

What is Agile Managed PPC

With Agile Managed PPC, we set you up on the world’s largest advertising platform – Google Ads.

Running paid traffic successfully takes a multi-faceted approach: at its core is knowing your numbers but also requires creativity for success in this competitive marketplace.

The key to an effective campaign starts with our innovative process which places all aspects strategically so that ROI can be developed and sustained over time. 

Combine strategy, creativity, and a deep understanding of the Google ad platform.

That's Agile. 

Advanced PPC Strategy

Market & Campaign Execution

We use data-driven strategies to ensure that you not only compete, but beat out your competition before prospects even click on an ad.

We analyze keywords and bids from other companies in order make sure we're giving our clients all they need for success right away!

Placements, devices, exclusions, and a performance at scale ensure you're getting maximum ROI.

Technology Partner

The Right Channels For Your Campaign

Every client has specific goals for their PPC campaigns.

Depending on the goal, we may recommend:

  • Search
  • Display
  • Video (YouTube)
  • Shopping
  • Performance Max

Each network has different ads, and ad types.  We'll customize your campaign plan to fit your needs.  

Transparent Reporting

Know Exactly What's Happening With Your Campaign

Get clear reporting so you see the campaign progress. 

You'll see what's been done, and how the work is impacting your results. 

Free Strategy Session

Talk About Solutions With An Expert

Have a discussion and get the right strategy for your business.   

On our call, we'll focus on:

  • How PPC can deliver results for your business.
  • What is the "right" campaign strategy based on your product.  
  • Current campaigns and near term opportunities for improvement and optimization. 

Experience Matters

See how we produce incredible results using a data driven strategy.  

Local business, e-Commerce, professional services, or anything else.  Our experienced team builds custom campaign plan that delivers. 

How Agile PPC Works


Join Agile PPC

We'll need a few details about your site, products, and competition. 

If you don't know, no worries...  We can walk you through the process and help figure it out. 


Campaign Design

We've break down your ad account, the competition, and develop an execution plan for you. 

We'll find any easy wins, and identify the gaps that need to be addressed. 



Once the analysis is complete, we'll schedule a kickoff call to review the campaign and answer questions.  

We move into the production cycle.  All copy is finalized for your site, niche, and Google relevance. 


Begin Production

Once approved, campaigns will be launched within 48-72 hours after approval. 

Timing depends on approval cycles, and specific services provided. 


Track Results

Weekly reports are provided on all campaigns.  

You'll receive a complete breakdown, any actions taken, and plans for the upcoming week.   


Optimize & Scale

This depends upon the maturity of your Google account, configuration, previous spend, and other factors.  

We optimize campaigns for performance to reduce costs and maximize ROI. 

What You Get With Agile Managed PPC

Competitor Analysis

We perform a full analysis of your ad account, including a competitive analysis.

Optimization & Execution

We use a multi-step execution plan to deliver maximum Return On Ad Spend (ROAS).

Landing Page Assessment

We evaluate your landing page for Google relevance factors.  Copy inputs are also provided. 

Custom Campaign Plan

We build a custom game plan based upon your site, goals, and budget.

Advanced Keyword Research

We'll identify keywords your ideal customer is searching for, assess existing campaigns, and highlight new opportunities. 

Total Customization

We tailor every aspect of your pay per click campaign from the keywords, audience targeting, placements and even the specific zip codes you want your ads to run in.

How Much Does It Cost?  

Every Agile PPC campaign plan is custom built to deliver results.  

Our tiers are designed based on total Ad Spend. You pay the actual ad spend directly to Google, and we simply charge the management fee. 

From small local businesses just wanting simple remarketing, to complex $100K+ a month campaigns.  We build our execution plan so you have a PPC  expert you can rely upon. 

In the case of a simple lead generation campaign, you can get a rough average by using the formula below:

(Number of Leads Goal * Average CPC) / Landing Page Conversion Rate = Monthly Target Ad Spend

(20 Leads * $5 CPC) / .10 landing page conversion rate = $1000 per month
Total ad spend required to hit the lead goal of 20 is $1000.

Our PPC managed services start at $500 per month, but is dependent upon other factors.  

Think of our PPC services like legos.  We build a plan based upon your what's needed to improve your results, so you get more leads and sales.  

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to feel confident in every purchase you make with us, which is why we are offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our services, contact us within 14 days of receiving your report and we’ll work with you to make it right!

Ready To Get Started?  

Let's see what Agile Can do for you.