The Situation Room

Welcome to Agile.  This is the place to get training and coaching support.  

Not only do you get our in-house training systems and procedures, but you get access to the same processes we use every day to help our clients. 

And, Just like POTUS, there is where you come to get answers.  Find out what’s working, what’s not, and what needs to be done next.

Every week we hold a live “SITREP” call where we’ll be discussing ad frameworks and copy, campaign adjustments, targeting and strategy, how to leverage AI, offers that are working, and any of the 100 other things that come up during the week.

If we only got you 1 new client every month with your ads, this program has already paid for itself! 

The Operations Center™

Never be blind again.  

No hot seats, not getting your questions answered or wondering what the next step that needs to be done.  

We know you’re busy running your business, and taking care of your clients.  We’re here to be your operational top-cover.

We'll monitor your account just like one of our elite agency clients.  

Every week you get a tactical review of your account, and exactly what to do to keep your ads performing at peak levels.

This hybrid program is perfect if you run ads yourself, or have a VA taking care of them.  You get the expertise of an agency guiding you the whole way, and avoid those agency price tags. 

Hire My Agency Strike Team

My team and I will: review your offer, write all your ads, build and launch a new landing page, and even set up all the tech for you. We’re able to do all of this in 14 days or less.

Now, our done-for-you service is necessarily expensive. But for the right course creator, coach, or consultant, it’s the perfect choice.

Let's chat about your offer and objectives, and we'll go from there.