AI Marketing Tools

Imagine falling short of your marketing goals no matter what you do. Regardless of how you target your audience, you can't seem to get your brand in front of the right people. Situations like these are often a result of using the wrong tools. In 2022, companies spent approximately 8.7% of their total revenue on marketing.

As time goes on, businesses are beginning to integrate AI marketing tools into their campaigns. Automated marketing can go a long way, but not everyone understands which opportunities to focus on.

We've created a brief guide full of the best AI marketing tools to consider. Let's explore what you should know.

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1. Content

This is one of the most common obligations AI tools can help with. Content creation is the lifeblood of any business website, and it's crucial to have a steady stream of high-quality content in your pipeline. AI content generation can also help with miscellaneous tasks, such as writing email headlines or crafting social media posts. Keep in mind that these tools aren't full replacements for human input, though. You'll need to edit the generated copy and ensure that it properly conveys your message. It's also not uncommon for AI content tools to produce errors. When used correctly, they can substantially improve your productivity and help take your company's performance to the next level.

2. Voice

In the past, AI voice tools produced questionable results at best. Today, they're some of the most reliable AI marketing tools available. When using one, you can pull from a database of AI-generated speech to read a copy.

Tools like these are ideal for reading video scripts since you won't have to hire voice talent. Depending on the AI marketing platform you use, you can choose from a variety of different AI voices. Premium tools allow you to work with a service provider to train your model. To clarify, it's possible to take virtually anyone's voice and create an AI model out of it to use for future projects. There are legal hoops to jump through, however.

You can't simply upload a recording of someone else and create an AI model. Details like consent, compensation, and use cases are all essential to determine.

3. Avatar Creation

The avatar images you use online play a large role in your engagement. If they aren't captivating and professional, users will likely overlook them. This is true in virtually every setting, ranging from social media to staff images on your website.

Although avatars are notably simple in terms of design, they can take longer than expected to create. Most people would have to hire a graphic designer to get the results they need. Using AI tools can help you quickly generate different avatar images.

You can then tweak these on your own or use the tool again to refine them. AI avatar tools have a slight learning curve, and you'll need to spend time working with different prompts before you get the right outcome.

4. Images

Similar to avatar creation, you can use powerful AI marketing tools for image generation. These tools have far more utility regarding the results you can get. The possibilities are virtually endless.For instance, you can endlessly develop thumbnail images for blog posts on your website. You can also create banner images for your social media pages.

Regardless of what you use this tool for, it's imperative to properly vet the images before uploading them.As previously mentioned, AI tools sometimes generate errors. Nothing makes a company look more unprofessional than putting out low-quality content.This illustrates the company either has poor judgment or isn't willing to develop a QC process for its content. Both of these scenarios can substantially damage your reputation.

Since AI-generated images are so complex, you might not get the pictures you want without a large number of revisions. Prepare to spend a decent amount of time learning how to use these tools at first.

5. Chatbots

Chatbots are an amazing opportunity to nurture leads. When people arrive at your site, they likely have questions they want immediate answers to. They aren't always likely to reach out to your business to learn more. Chatbots are a fast, easy way to help users find the information they need. Modern chatbots are also much more thorough and intuitive than they used to be. This technology can even help you manage your leads outside traditional business hours, making it easier to hit your sales goals without scaling your team.

6. Removing Image Backgrounds

More often than not, images used on websites have unnecessary content in the background. This can distract users and make the image less impactful.

AI background removal tools allow you to seamlessly remove unnecessary segments of images before you upload them. The alternative would be using a tool like Photoshop to manually do so.

If you don't have the required skill set, you'd also have to hire a graphic designer. Small companies often don't have the budget for outsourcing in situations like these, causing them to waste more time than necessary.

7. Media Monitoring

Companies use media monitoring to gain insight into how their brands are perceived online. As you might assume, this is impossible to handle without the help of specialized tools.

AI tools will determine which outlets talk about your brand the most. You can use this data to create a hierarchy of platforms that are worth your attention. Many AI media monitoring tools also provide suggestions to those who aren't sure what step to take next.

8. Landing Pages

Without proper landing pages, it can be difficult to maximize your sales performance. There's nothing worse than investing time and money in a marketing strategy and then falling short of your goals. Quality landing pages let you leverage the traffic you acquire from Google.

You can use AI to build pages based on successful templates. AI tools can also help you with other nuances of landing page creation, such as image placement and calls to action. Details like these are crucial for making the best landing pages.

9. Content Editing

It's possible to substantially reduce your content editing time by using AI tools. This applies to various media, including video footage, written content, and graphic design. As with most AI tools, you should anticipate overcoming a learning curve before making the most of them.

 Businesses that frequently deal with large amounts of content can exponentially increase their revenue under the right circumstances.

10. Task Automation

Automated marketing can mean the difference between whether your company reaches its goals. Using automated tools allows you to keep your team lean and maximize your efficiency.

The best tests to automate are those that are repetitive or distract you from your primary obligations. For example, consider how tedious it would be to manually send follow-up messages to thousands of customers. Automation can handle this responsibility seamlessly and help you emphasize the core areas of your business.

With proper configuration, you can automate almost all of a marketing campaign. To clarify, you could use automation software to extract and analyze insights about your target demographic. You could then use this information to configure your ads that direct users to your landing pages.

Once users convert, automated software can continue to nurture these relationships until you reach the desired performance metrics. AI automation can learn from past projects and improve your future performance.

11. Web Scraping

Data is a precious currency in every industry. Data acquisition is the sole reason why research is so important. However, research can be impractical or even tedious at times. This is especially true if your research methods involve you performing the same tasks repeatedly. Web scraping allows you to quickly extract information from different websites.

When you throw AI into the mix, you can make this process even more efficient. Keep this in mind when moving forward so you can make the most of this opportunity.

Getting Started

The best way to get started with AI marketing tools is by working with a professional. They have the knowledge and resources to help you achieve the desired results.

When looking for someone to hire, consider their past reputation. It's essential to choose service providers that have a large amount of positive feedback.

Otherwise, you'll be rolling the dice regarding the experience you get. 

Ask about the pricing structure, as well. The last thing you want is to encounter financial surprises.

You also get what you pay for, so don't choose the cheapest options. Assess how interested they are in helping you with your project.If they aren't enthusiastic about handling your needs, you'll likely be left dissatisfied. As long as you do your due diligence, you shouldn't encounter issues during your search.

Don't Overlook AI Marketing Tools

When utilized correctly, AI marketing tools can be one of the most effective ways to increase your performance. The tips in this guide will ensure you make the best decision for your business.

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Instead of reading about  chabots. See how engaging they can be...  

This messenger bot will show you a little "art of the possible":